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I procrastinate a lot and I mean a lot, writing this first line actually took longer than expected, but here we are two lines in and I am feeling the rush.

Right now that little bit madness is over how are you doing you sick fuck? It’s been a while since I have even touched this site let alone write a blog post. If you have somehow ended up here randomly let me introduce myself.

Matthew Maidment aka, Sketch, Shift, or Greatredshift, I’m a Digital Content Producer for The Solicitors Regulation Authority and have been involved in digital content now for about six years.

For the past couple of years, I have stretched myself out a bit too thin, wasted a lot of time and effort into “esports” projects that I can’t support full time, so I’ve decided to have a refresh.

I will be doing various things with this site now and not just aiming at Halo and esports, I think a change of pace is nice and It’s definitely due. So if you would like to see some the really weird and wonderful stuff I will be creating follow me on Twitter or bookmark the site to keep up to date.

Oh yeah also events, but that tale is for another day.

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